Dice Stool

dice stool

Karachi Stool design

Online furniture clubs offers now best. This Stool design we have created with kikar wood structure. The main theme we give in this Stools is a traditional look for stools with Colors in the Ottoman / Stool / Puffy (Digital Print).

The modern Stool set customize on order. The customize design give you knowledge regarding stool product. The first step is the wooden structure we have given.

Foaming & material

The second phase of the stool set is the foam & material. The foaming of the set is the main comfort. The high quality density foam gives perfect comfort to the person who sits on it. This foam gives you ten year quality warranty for the durability and the same slandered in stool makers.


Fabric is the other important component for the stool set which is Ottoman / Stool / Puffy (Digital Print). The design is attractive and the beautiful.

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